Beer leaves a bitter taste for young employees

toronto-loblaws-beerThe sale of beer in Ontario grocery stores will finally become a reality beginning on Tuesday.  For many people, this calls for a raise of the glass and celebration.  For others, a new career.

The article by the Ottawa Citizen states that “store floor staff had set up two end-of-aisle display cases near the cashier area”, implying there will not be a dedicated area exclusive to the sale of beer (similar to that of Wine Rack in certain grocery stores).  Instead there will be dedicated “Beer Lanes”, which in turn reduces the number of lanes employees under the age of 18 are legally able to manage.

I believe the convenience of selling beer in grocery stores is definitely positive for consumers, however the affect this may have on the young people of Ontario may be overlooked.  There is already a shortage of jobs as the unemployment in Ontario climbs to 6.9% in November 2015.

Many high school students gain experience and the ability to apply some of the knowledge they “learn” in school with part time jobs.  With the unemployment rate so high, there are more people in the labour force looking for employment which directly competes with these high school students.

Is the convenience of buying a 6-pack (and nothing more) really worth your kid losing his or her job?  This system was not well thought out, in my opinion.

Suggestion: a dedicated, refrigerated room exclusive to the sale of beer (and beer-related products) where only customers (and employees) are able to enter.  This frees up precious lane space for non-beer buying patrons and diminishes the access of alcohol to minors.

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What is the difference between objectifying women and objectifying men?

CRul8TNUAAAlXI7The answer to the above question will likely be different dependent on who you ask and the correct answer is likely different to the true answer.  If anyone reads this, I’m going to get a lot of heat. Oh well, here goes…

It is not uncommon for men to be slaughtered for judging a woman solely on her appearance and that man’s physical attraction towards her.  Perhaps this is because men have a tendency to be more open about their attraction (or “unattraction”) with comments or gestures ;).  A man may be politically incorrect for telling a woman she is too fat or too ugly to go on a date with (or swipe left) but to what extent should men filter their feelings for the benefit of women?

I understand it is important for everyone to have the largest ego possible and the more confident a person is with him/herself the more attractive he or she appears.  That being said, if it is not okay for a man to objectify a woman then how come it is okay for the world to objectify Justin Trudeau?

Only a couple days after this “historical” election, the world has noticed Canada.  Not because the fine citizens of this country fought against their current government to take back control over the land in which they believe is theirs but because they have the hottest leader.  Will Justin Trudeau’s reign over the country be written in Canadian History textbooks as the hottest Prime Minister of Canada?  Not likely.  But that’s all anyone is talking about.

So why does it matter?

Just this morning, while I was busing to work, I overheard a woman female loudly talking on her phone about a guy who added her on Facebook.  She stated “I didn’t accept because I don’t like bald guys”.  Ouch!

We all have our physical preferences in a partner but for society to harshly criticize men for judging women on their appearance is entirely hypocritical.  I truly believe it is not men as a population that overemphasizes the “size” of a woman dictating the ideal match however the views women have of themselves.  I am not blaming women, however, I am blaming society; Hollywood, entertainment, the media, Jared, etc.  All of these vehicles promote skinny and this is not a new notion.

Back to bus girl: she was talking very loudly on the bus, I even spoke with the lady beside me about the phone call and how neither of us would want strangers hearing about our private conversations meanwhile throwing a few curse words in the mix.  Real classy!  I digress.  She was needlessly shouting at her friend, maybe her grandmother who has a hearing disability, as I had difficulty focusing on my Developmental Psychology textbook due to her lack of volume control.  I did not see her while she was speaking but the more she talked the more I pictured her in my mind.  Her stop was prior to mine and I ended up seeing what she looked like as she exited the bus.  I hit the nail on the head.  Enough said.

My point is, men are people too, believe it or not.  We have feelings.  Just like you, we too have parts of ourselves that we are not overly excited about and would love to change.  We all want six-packs.  None of us want to be short.  NOBODY WANTS TO BE BALD (ok maybe, Howie Mandel is an exception).  But it’s still socially acceptable to judge the Prime Minister of Canada because he is a descendant of many Greek gods whom blessed Canada with a better Justin than our previous Justin.

Different men are attracted to completely different types of women (and men).  My advice to women is be who you are, but be healthy.  Healthy doesn’t mean Barbie, healthy means you make healthy life choices.  If you don’t know what healthy choices are, you’re doing it wrong.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you don’t like a feature about yourself.  Don’t try to fix it either; unless it’s unhealthy like continuously consuming poutine and Beaver Tails then you should probably stop.  Embrace who you are and there will be a man that will embrace you too.  Feel sorry for yourself and men will feel sorry for you.  [insert additional cliche here]

Disclaimer: I understand and accept the views brought forward by many feminist-types preaching equal rights and I do agree on most issues.  However I disagree that women are objectified more than men.

Passion: Canadians divided yet #ComeTogether

“Passion (from the Greek verb πασχω meaning to suffer) is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.” (Wikipedia)

I cannot remember a time that I have witnessed more passion than for the 2015 Canadian federal election and for the Toronto Blue Jays.  People have increasingly come out of hiding over the 78 days preceding “The Election” with their distaste and pure hatred for Stephen Harper.  This passion is not necessarily in favour of one party however the disfavour of another.

My political beliefs do not go much beyond the colour of each political party so I may not be a qualified source on the subject however I am an avid user of social media and I got overwhelmed with the intense desire for failure.

In my opinion, this is very Un-Canadian.  If you are passionate about supporting your party of choice, by all means display this passion in a positive way!  I believe the disastrous result for NDP was a direct result in focusing on dethroning Stephen Harper rather than solidifying its own beliefs and image.

As someone who knows very little about politics, your words would have spoken louder and clearer to me if you supported your party rather than bashed another; if you told me why I should have voted for your party instead of anything but Conservative (ABC).  Yet, throughout this election I heard less about what other parties will bring to the Canadian table and more of how Stephen Harper’s government burned that table down.

That being said, I did vote in this “historical” election.  I didn’t vote because Twitter told me to “vote strategically”, I didn’t join the “Stephen Harper’s Going Away Party” event on Facebook, and I didn’t even vote for Stephen Harper. But I didn’t vote against Harper, I voted for the party that I believe in the most and I will stand by my vote.

My favourite thing about passion is that the word passion itself does not hold a positive or negative emotion; rather passion is used to describe both.  As in the case of The Election, the negative use of the word passion was clear: “a very strong feeling about a person”.  Now on the other hand, passion is bringing Canada together the best way we know how: sports!

Although mostly a hockey fan, I am excited (read passionate) for the Toronto Blue Jays.  At the All-Star break it was expected the Jays will miss the playoffs for another record-setting season.  At sub-.500 there was nothing to be passionate about.  Enter David Price, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ben Revere.  The Toronto Blue Jays finish the season atop the AL East standings and second in the American League.

Josh Donaldson is expected to be the MVP as chants throughout Rogers Centre for the last 2 months of the regular season wouldn’t let you forget.  M-V-P!  Jose Bautista’s astonishing 3-run home run in the 7th inning of the ALDS was nothing short of miraculous.  I’d vote for Bautista as PM in a heartbeat!

This form of passion I can get behind.  This is the passion that should fuel a country.  I wish the hashtag #ComeTogether was used for not only the Toronto Blue Jays but also the 2015 Canadian Federal Election.

I did not watch the election results on TV last night, instead I watched the Blue Jays defeat the Royals 11-8 because I prefer to be passionate about the success of one than the failure of another.

Australia: Travelling Down Under

This week marks the first of twelve traveling across Australia and New Zealand.  The first week is spent in Perth in Western Australia and so far my impression is very positive.  Perthies seem to be laid-back and never in a rush to go anywhere, which is refreshing after traveling across much of Asia the past few months.  Beyond their sexy accents, they seem to be much more active than I expected since Australia is one of the “fattest” countries in the world.  The number of bicyclists rival that of Ottawa and in the wee hours of the morning you will come across joggers galore.  It makes me want to start jogging again.  Then again, maybe not!  But it sure is contagious.

I am looking forward to my time in Australia as I have dreamed of visiting this grand country for as long as I can remember.  Many people compare the country to Canada and so far I would have to agree.  Perth being the capital city of Western Australia it will be the only stop on the West coast.

If you have any suggestions for places to visit in Australia please let me know as I would love to experience the Aussie culture as much as possible!

Yes, I took that photo myself in King’s Park!!  It really was a beautiful first day of winter!

G’day mate!

I’m Officially A Home Owner!!!

Yay!  I thought this day would never come.  I have completed the paperwork on purchasing my new home.  Now I am off to Australia/New Zealand for a couple months to close out my contract before I move in!  August 18, 2015 is the date I take another step towards adulthood.

Doing this whole process alone has probably been the most stressful part.  Yes I have a lot of support from family, friends, coworkers and the such but at times I have no idea what I am doing.  If it was not for my realtor this entire purchase experience would have been a disaster.  If I have one recommendation it would be to use a realtor that you trust and gives you the best and all the advice he or she can.  For those of you who are unaware, realtors for buyers are FREE!  (The seller pays the fees)

At the beginning I was feeling out two different realtors and at first they both seemed great.  I thought I was going to have to make a really hard decision to “break-up” with one of them.  In the end, the realtor I decided to part ways with seemed less experienced, which is fine (everyone needs to start somewhere), but what I needed is someone who had a lot of experience and made me feel comfortable with making the largest purchase of my life, to date.  As with any relationship, the best way to cut ties is to be completely honest yet not to hurt their feelings in the process.

Anyway, I am super excited that it all came together as planned and on schedule.  I will enjoy endless wine tours over the next couple months because I don’t know if I will be able to afford a bottle of wine once I furnish my new home.

Why you need a Home Inspection

This weekend marked my introduction to home inspections and I must say it was extremely informative.  Most offers of purchase require a home inspection because you never really know what the previous home owners have altered or added to the home since it was built.  In brief, my home inspection brought forward a total of  $1000 – 1200 in “significant report items” which the seller will be repairing and paying for prior to my ownership.  This inspection has saved me roughly $600-800 if I had to do these repairs myself since the inspection itself cost me $400.  It would cost me even more if there was a fire due to electrical issues that I was not made aware.

The majority of the report items were electrical-related and since my house was “flipped”, it appears the flippers did not have professional electricians as a part of their team.  Having the home inspected by a trained professional not only covers my butt it also gives me peace of mind when I do move into my new house.  The other main issue was plumbing, which could turn into a huge cost depending on the source of the problem.  I am thankful it is not me dealing with that problem.

Paying for an inspection may seem like a waste of money but with the right inspector, real estate agent, and seller it can be a worthwhile experience.  I’m one step closer to nailing my first home!

Disney, what were you doing? Tomorrowland should be Nevershouldhavehappendland.

I had the pleasure of going to the movies for the first time on a Friday night in quite a while.  The pleasure did not last too long.

I had briefly seen previews for the recently released Disney film, Tomorrowland.  Receiving a score of 7.1/10 on IMDB I was optimistic.  Normally I am a Disney fan but this movie was likely the worst one I had ever seen released by the famed production company.  It appeared that the purpose of this film was to make everyone feel bad for ignoring all the signs that Earth is eroding yet we simply don’t care, instead we are embracing the inevitable end.  Give it a rest Hollywood.  It’s been done too many times, we clearly see the movies as forms of entertainment rather than public service announcements.  Move on.

Now that I got that out of the way I would like to say the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) reminded me of the earlier Superman movies.  The most laughing I did during the movie was at the horrible attempts of graphical enhancements.  Instead of the future I felt like I was watching the movie in the 1990’s.

Frank, Casey, and Athena were the three main characters.  The best of which I would say was not George Clooney, playing the part of Frank.  Raffey Cassidy, Athena, was actually the highlight of the film.  I believe she will have a bright future in acting, not that I have a trained eye or anything.  She was able to bring a robot character to life in a realistically believable way, unlike the Canadian actor Matthew MacCaull who appeared to have a plastic doll in mind rather than a robot.  Think Ken and Barbie.

At one point in the movie, George Clooney (who seemed disinterested throughout) said to the small robot girl, Athena, that she is simply 1’s and 0’s.  I would have to give Tomorrowland all 0’s.  While a passenger in a car Athena shut down completely, collapsing into herself simply because she was annoyed by Casey Newton; I immediately wished I had that ability.

Tomorrowland, I wish I could go to Yesterdayland and never see that movie.  Disney I am ashamed.